SKU - LCI1110
Style - Electrolight Stuff Sack 22x10
Description - ElectroLight is the packing solution that’s perfect for everything from camping to overseas trips.
Featuring bright bold colors and durable silnylon, these items are so lightweight that they will
meet the needs of even the most minimalist travelers and backpackers.
With the ability to organize daily essentials and equipment alike, ElectroLight is the collection for
anyone who doesn’t want to put up with heavy bags or disorganization.
Weight - 1 oz
Dimensions - 22 x 10
Category - Travel Accessories
Sub Category - Packing Accessories
Company - Lewis N Clark
Color - Red
Quantity -
Price - $18.00


Ultra-lightweight packing organization
Durable silnylon fabric is water- and stain-resistant
Organizes and stores small gear for camping, backpacking, sports, travel, and more
Drawstring closure with adjustable cord lock
Pouch can be used as a separate ditty bag
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